What are you wanting more of?


I’m exhausted at the end of the day and my to-do list never seems to get shorter. I want more time for the things I'm passionate about that give me joy.


Putting out fires all day long is my life! I wish my business would run on autopilot so I could have more time off (and balance!), along with more efficiency.


I’ve had some great employees, others I’m not sure are the right fit. As a whole, I need to see more initiative and an “ownership attitude” from my team.


My leadership team and I are capable of more. I want to be a better leader and develop the people under me to make the business even better.

Let's work together


Individual or group support to take your business and leadership to the next level.​


A guided session that will break down some barriers and create continuity of leadership. ​


Working one on one in your business with your whole team to implement changes in real time.

Results I’ve Helped Create.

I reached out to Kimberley for help creating positive, lasting change to my company’s culture. Kimberley helped me reconnect and follow a lifelong passion with new energy, focus and confidence. Since working together, I’ve taken my life and career in an entirely new direction. Found my path, as scary as it is.​
Brick-and-mortar business owner turned music composer & creative entrepreneur.
I received countless benefits during my time with Kimberley. Kim encouraged me to leave my comfort zone, insisting that outside our comfort zones is "where the magic happens". Kim's authentic, heartfelt approach to personal development prepares you for the unavoidable grit of the necessary self work. If you want the rainbow, you gotta make it through the rain.
Owner of Alchemy by Tyler Ray
When we first started working together, Kimberley asked me to pick a sales target that took my breath away - it was multiple six figures ahead of what we were currently doing. With Kimberley’s support and coaching, we just hit that target - and increased our sales by 40% in two years!
Owner of Play n Stay Pet Camp and Thrive

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