How I went from an unconfident leader with impostor syndrome to owning my authentic power and creating the business (and life) of my dreams.

Before there was a business, international clients, and tens of thousands of interactions, there was a small town, a Mercury Tracer, and a woman with big dreams who couldn’t seem to find her place.

High schools often do a poor job when it comes to helping us figure out basic life skills, let alone guiding us toward our future careers. For those of us don’t have that “one” thing we can identify with, it’s easy to slip through the cracks.


I was one of those people. As the years passed, I desperately wanted to find my “it”.


Sports – Nope. Not athletic enough.


Drama – Nope. I could barely project my voice, let alone fill up a room.


Band- nope, not rhythm-y enough.


All of this combined into a feeling many of us feel throughout our lives: What am I good at? What do I want? And, even more so, where do I belong?


I remember getting my first piece of feedback from a customer while working at my first job at Subway (there really aren’t too many options in a town of 10,000!) The customer said I’d made the best sandwich he’d ever had. Something clicked. I loved making people happy. For the first time, I remember thinking, that’s what I’m good at! Serving others- that was my it.


After a stint in hospitality school, I loaded up my Mercury Tracer, my big dreams, and the $200 I had in the bank, and headed for the city. Somehow, I landed a position as a junior manager in charge of other people on my shift. I didn’t even know how to really lead myself yet – how was I supposed to influence other people?


The biggest hurdle for new leaders is navigating the waters between being liked and being clear, then holding expectations of excellence (and, heaven forbid, having to lead friends you used to work alongside). If we don’t feel confident in ourselves and our abilities, it’s going to have a hugely negative impact. And I was in deep.


I hustled. I brought in donuts. I gave extra days off. I withheld negative feedback. And then, when that didn’t work, I got frustrated.


Then I got direct. I fired. I yelled. And I played favourites. That worked – but only for a short period, as people were too afraid to make a mistake.


Neither approach was in my power. Neither approach was authentic.


It took a long time, and a willingness to look in the mirror, to see how I was showing up. What attitude was I bringing to work with me, and how did that affect how the people there saw me? Eventually, I realized  that the results I was getting were a direct reflection of me, not them. Shit.


So I went to work.


I realized that, to have a strong company, I needed to first create systems and processes that set everyone up for success. When there’s clarity, there’s results.


Fifteen years, and tens of thousands of dollars in development later, I help other leaders step into their authentic power, own their impact, and create a life (and business) beyond their wildest dreams.


At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “There are so many coaches out there. What makes you special?”


Hey, while this may sound a bit harsh, I get it.


And honestly, seeing all the options out there now, I’ve felt the same way when looking for a new coach. To help you make the best decision for your business, I’ve actually recorded a video on how to find the right coach for you.


Here’s what I can tell you about myself:


Hospitality and customer service are in my blood. I’ve spent more of my working career in leadership roles than I have out. If credentials matter, I have a coaching certification, a BComm in Entrepreneurial Management, and have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own personal mastery in the last 5 years. As a coach, I believe it’s so important to practice what we teach… so I’m in the arena, right there with you.


My promise to you? I’ll be real. I’ll share my missteps and failures, and the things I’m learning as I go, because I believe in the power of sharing and giving both of us permission to fail. When we fail, it means that we’re taking big leaps, learning, building resilience, and moving towards mastery.


So, yeah. That’s how I roll. A match between your style and the style of your coach is UBER important. My style is transparent, encouraging, and honest. If that describes what you’re looking for, we’ll be a great match.


Let’s chat further! Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, or book a 30-minute call with me, and let’s talk about how we can get you the business (and life) you’ve always dreamed of.


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