How to be more productive

How do I boost my productivity?  

This question is huge. It’s something I get asked all the time – and, with the multiple hats that we wear in our lives, it is one thing we really need to master if we want to show up fully, run a successful business, or start a successful business or side hustle. 

We’ve got our mom/dad hat, we’ve got our community member hat, we’ve got our family hat, we’ve got our business owner hat…we have so many roles and responsibilities. To succeed in balancing all of them while dealing with the unexpected things that a life in business inevitably throws our way, learning how to be more productive is one of the most crucial skills that we can learn. 

Boosting productivity starts from understanding the distinction between these two working in the business and working on the business. 

As owners, especially if we’re sole proprietors, we have to learn how to work, do the work, and serve the clients that are coming up. We have to work on the business and build the business at the same time.

Mastering productivity in this case is so important. If we don’t, we’ll be able to service the clients that we already have, but our goals and our dreams of building or expanding the business may fall by the wayside. 

When I was first starting out as a coach, I had so much passion for serving my existing clients. I put everything I had into making sure they had an amazing experience. At that time, I was solely focused on building my clientele through word of mouth. 

While the word of mouth advertising approach was amazing, and I got a ton of business from it, I eventually realized that I needed to start growing outside of my existing network. 

I didn’t spend any time on it. I didn’t think I had time. All my time and effort was spent servicing my existing clients. Needless to say, I experienced lulls in growing my business until I discovered how to turn it all around and take control of my time.

I learned how to increase my productivity by following the steps below, and my business (and life) runs much more smoothly, while allowing me the opportunity to focus on growth. Here are some of the steps I took.

Reconnect with your passion.

Why did you start the business in the first place? Or, why do you want to start a business in the first place? 

When we get so busy doing, we can really forget about how important those pieces are, and where our passion for our business came from. Reconnect with that place. Some may call it passion, some may call it business purpose; whatever you consider it, just reconnect there. 

Take a hard look at your list of to-dos. 

What’s on your list that doesn’t actually have to be there? While you may be saying, “Everything needs to be there!” I promise you, it doesn’t. 

Think – really think – about what you can either delegate or remove.

Use the Eisenhower Matrix or the “Urgent and Important” Matrix

The Urgent and Important Matrix is a tool set that I use all the time. This tool says that, throughout most of our lives, we need to live in the urgent and important piece. If there’s anything on your list that you would say is urgent but is not important, (meaning that it’s not going to get you anywhere closer to your goals and it’s just busy work), be mindful of that and cross them off your list. 

Everything can’t be an “A” priority. 

When I was working with my team last week, we were talking about six things that need to get done, and we assigned them all as A’s. And we had to say, “Whoa, stop!” and really evaluate the situation.

Everything can’t be an “A” priority. We’re human! We have to work on something first, something second, something third, something fourth. So, while you could rank your priorities as A1, A2, A3, everything can’t be an A1 priority. 

Once you become more productive, the next challenge that you’re going to run into is deciding on what you say yes to, and how often you do it. The more successful you become, the more people will be knocking on your door. The more productive you can be, the more you can take on with balance. 

There’s a saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy mom, because they’ll get it done.” As you start to become more productive, there are going to be things that are put on your plate that you need to be able to say no to. 

Just imagine how it will feel, truly, when you get home at the end of the day, you drop your bags off, you kiss your significant other, and you’re able to sit down and not have that list of 100 tasks on your mind. I want that for you. I know how good it feels. 

So, if you want to know how to continue becoming as productive as possible, and feel like you can come home at the end of the day leaving work at work, book a discovery call with me, and let’s talk about how we can make your business the best it can be. I can’t wait to chat with you!

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