Marketing Woes? Solutions to Common Problems

If you’re having a hard time attracting new clients into your business, you’re probably making some common mistakes. The good news is that these mistakes are pretty easy to avoid.

While awareness through marketing can bring clients to your door, it’s your product, service, or experience that is going to keep them coming back. However, marketing is a crucial step to growing a business. Correcting the things that I’m going to share with you below will help you optimize your marketing and achieve the business growth you want.

Common Problem #1: Forgetting YOU are the Brand!

This is true in any business, and especially true if you’re a sole proprietor. The company will have a certain brand too, but people buy from people, not businesses. Who you are has to align with the business message.

To correct this, take a hard look in the mirror. Do your clothes, overall look, and lifestyle match the brand? All of these need to connect.

Common Problem #2: Social Media Never Dies.

Take a look through all of your social media profiles – and I mean all of them. Are pictures from your college days still showing up on your profile somewhere? If you don’t think they are, are you sure?

What are your privacy settings?

And, lastly, when was the last time you Googled yourself?

Pictures that do not align with who you are as your most professional self ought to be locked away in a drawer… not left to live forever on the Internet!

Now that you’re aware of some common problems that are easy to avoid, you can take steps to correct, then watch the new clients roll in!

If you want to know more, connect with my Facebook page; I’d love to give you some support! Until then, happy marketing!

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