Overcoming a Fear of Failure

Are you letting a fear of failure keep you from living your best life and starting that business of your dreams?

Don’t be left wondering what if? You’ve got this! If your fear of failure is holding you back, let’s conquer it. We’ll start by talking about some common mistakes that, thankfully, are easy to avoid. Identifying these common problems can help keep you from continuing to make those mistakes, and feeding that fear of failure.

The life, and the business, that you want is within your reach. But first, you’ve got to get a little uncomfortable. After you finish reading, take some time to really think about each of these common problems. How are they showing up in your life? And – most importantly – what are you going to do about them?

Common Problem #1: Comfort Zone is TOO Comfortable!

Humans are, by nature, creatures of habit. We get into a “zone”, we eat at the same familiar places, we shop at the same grocery stores, we go to the same parks. We like comfort! Until it becomes suffocating.

By not doing anything new, we don’t get any new results… only the same old tired people, places and things.

Here’s a challenge: do one thing every day this week that’s out of your norm. For instance, drive a different way to work, try brushing your teeth with your opposite hand, or think about a conversation you’ve been putting off and schedule it!

Common Problem #2: Fear of Failure becomes the Excuse.

We make excuses because we give ourselves an “out”. This happens, when, for example, someone asks us, “Oh hey, how’s that business going?” and we say, “Well I’m really afraid of failure, so I’m not sure about putting that stuff out there.”

That’s letting ourselves off the hook. Stop doing that! That’s the best and fastest way to just let fear overtake you. The more you let fear in, the more consuming it is!

I know someone amazing who would have an incredible business if she had followed her gut 7 years ago when she first had the idea instead of it still being a pipe dream. We choose our hard, either it’s hard in the short term where we face our fears (and build confidence and resilience along the way!) or it’s hard in the long term as we watch our dreams fade. Feel that fear, and do it anyway.

Challenge – what’s the one thing you’ve been putting off? Maybe it’s going down to the registry and incorporating. Maybe it’s putting off creating your website. Have you thought of something? Good. I want you to take action on it TODAY. Put it in your calendar and GET IT DONE!!

Common Problem #3: Lack of Confidence in your Greatness!

The world deserves you and your business idea! By lacking confidence in ourselves, we do ourselves and everyone else an injustice.

Look yourself in the mirror and give yourself a good old fashioned pep talk! A pep talk, a scream, a pound on the chest – it doesn’t matter. Just DO IT! Say “I’ve GOT THIS!!”!

If that feels unnatural to you, you need support. I’ve been where you are, and I want to help! Stop making those mistakes, and start that business of your dreams already!

Join my private Facebook group to connect with others who have been there (myself included). You’re only a few clicks away from connecting with a circle of entrepreneurs who get it. I can’t wait to see you there!

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