Confessions of a Recovering Independent Woman

It wasn’t so long ago that I was hauling a queen mattress off the truck. And despite the pouring rain and no help, I was determined to get this oversized, awkard necessity into my first apartment. Okay, maybe it was a while ago (I age gracefully!), but determined 19-year-old me was so committed and so clear that even if someone offered to help me, I…

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Relationships: The Best (and Hardest) Part of the Holidays

Relationships are what enrich our lives, and provide some of the most challenging moments, and around the holidays it feel like that dial is turned up to 10.

In this week’s post we go over how to get even more out of your great relationships and a step by step system for connecting with even the most challenging.

Someone you’re not looking forward to seeing over the next couple weeks (and maybe even ashamed to admit it)? Be sure to read below 🙂

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Getting “un-stuck”

Today, I want to talk to you about getting “un-stuck”. If you’ve found yourself struggling career-wise, the big problem that you’re probably facing is either one of two things.  One, you’re trying to figure out what exactly it is that you want.  Or two, you’re experiencing a paralyzing fear of failure.  I know how it feels; I’ve been there myself.  There was a time not…

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